Extender grip

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long?

Over the past twenty years, golf club manufacturers have been making clubs stronger (meaning they have less loft on the face), and longer so that they can sell hopeful golfers the newest “hot” weapon that will knock the ball unimaginable distances. But when golfers arrive at the driving range with long clubs, you see a lot of people with poor posture, inefficient shaft angles, awkward or mismatched swing planes, off-center contact with the ball, unhelpful trajectory, little accuracy, and none of the distance the long clubs were supposed to provide. There is a good chance that your golf clubs are too long!

The search for consistent ball striking continues!

Bending the spine forward more, moving closer to the ball, creating slightly steeper planes during the swing, and learning to “trap” the ball with the center of the club-face (which generally produces more of a divot with the irons) may all help. But there is literally something standing between the average golfer and the changes that allow pure ball striking. It is his golf club. Even a “standard” length club can be too long for many golfers to achieve the things mentioned above.

It takes a shorter club for most people to create the desired spine and shaft angles, swing planes, and contact with the ball. As would be expected, the shorter club and improved planes create better accuracy with the golf shots. Technically speaking, you would expect a shorted club to give more accuracy and a longer club to give more distance. The problem is, most golfers clubs are too long to maximise either!

Introducing the Extender grip

Most golfers are reluctant to get the ends of their clubs sawn off the reduce the length as there is no guarantee this will improve their game. In fact, any drastic changes often take time to overcome. The fix is more commonly known as choking down whereby the golfer lowers his grip, often with half a grip on the rubber and half on the shaft, to increase this level of control.

The extender grip does exactly what it says – it extends your grip so that you maintain a solid grip throughout your game. We know we cant change everyone’s habits, but we can change their grips!