Universal Aerial Mast Bracket

Wall or chimney mounted aerial mast brackets have conventionally been made out of painted or galvanised pressed and welded steel. One of the main issues with many installations over time is rust and eventual breakage causing costly re-installations and loss of signal to your home, not to mention the rusting of steel mast brackets leaving unsightly “coffee” streaks down rendered walls. When it comes to the installation, a common complaint with installers is the time taken to fix varying pole sections to the bracket – made even harder whilst up a ladder.

The Universal Aerial Mast Bracket was engineered to withstand the harshest of environments and allow simple and rapid installation of varying aerial mast sections. The overmolded bolts are easily tightened by hand and locked in position using a simple mechanism which prevents the bolt from loosening. Using a bespoke weather proof and rigid glass re-inforced polymer ensures lifelong durability and performance.