Carbon Fiber Accessories

Introducing the Olusto range of carbon fiber accessories

It’s important to have confidence in a product, whatever life throws at it. Conventional product weaknesses are identified and overcome. We integrate the best available materials and manufacturing techniques to create the most robust travel products possible. One that’s simply better than the rest.

This inevitably leads to considerable manufacturing challenges, but that’s what we thrive on. Indeed, many of the manufacturing techniques we employ are only used in the most cutting edge sectors, such as space travel and deep-sea exploration. It has been said that by some that this approach is overkill; the people who claim this have never held one of our products.

Olusto’s flagship product is the carbon fiber glasses case. Unlike other glasses cases it does not have a hinge and there are no parts that will wear out. The inspiration for the oval profile and extensive use of carbon fiber comes from the high tech world of motor racing and space exploration.

The outer shell of the case combines exceptional strength and rigidity with water and chemical resistance whilst the inner lining is made from medical grade and impact resistant foam for unbeatable protection.

The modular watch case allows and number of watches to be transported securely. Simply detach or attach the internal watch pods and attach the carbon fiber tube that you wish to use.