Smartbel changes the game for conventional Doorbells

There are very few remnants in our modern, technologically advanced daily lives of our pre-plugged in world of a few hundred years ago. Cooking is revolutionized by microwaves and refrigerators; commuting is revolutionized by automobiles and aeroplanes; communication has been revolutionized by smart phones and the internet; even exercise has been revolutionized by tread mills and genetic supplements. It would seem that in this brave new world all the legacies of our past has been scrubbed and given a futuristic makeover. Then, we remember the common doorbell.

Today, if a person wants to be let into another’s home, they push a button that chimes hoping the person is there to let them in. If the person is not there to answer, then tough luck. Or, maybe for an entrepreneurial doorbell pusher cum thief, they will see this as a sign that no one is home and decide to break into the house. What an antiquated system, even its name is archaic, evolving from Roman times when a visitor would pull a string that would ring a bell, alerting the homeowners that there was a guest.

There has to be something better. There has to be something more elegant. Fortunately, the solution is here with the Omtro Smartbel. Taking advantage of the increasing affordability of advanced technology, the Smartbel is an intelligent doorbell that integrates itself intuitively to its owner’s lifestyle.

The premise is simple, yet its comprehensive execution is what makes the Smartbel stand out of the crowd of competitors. Simply put, when the Smartbel is pressed, it automatically triggers a phonecall to any line, mobile or landline, as programmed by the owner. Then, once the connection is made, the owner can talk to the guest from their phone, whether they are in the next room not wanting to stop watching television, or vacationing on another continent not wanting to let anyone know they are not home.

Intuitive, simple and well built, the Omtro Smartbel is a device that every smart owner needs to have a smart house.

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