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World’s first authorised Locking HDMI cable

Setting up a modern entertainment system is, put kindly, a miserable task. Put less kindly there might be a few words thrown in that aren’t fit for print. Fragile and expensive flat screen televisions need to be bolted to wall mounts and then connected to a half dozen devices, each...

Smartbel changes the game for conventional Doorbells

There are very few remnants in our modern, technologically advanced daily lives of our pre-plugged in world of a few hundred years ago. Cooking is revolutionized by microwaves and refrigerators; commuting is revolutionized by automobiles and aeroplanes; communication has been revolutionized by smart phones and the internet; even exercise has...

Manufacturing – The best of both worlds

Every entrepreneur knows the advantages of manufacturing in China. Affordable labor costs, unrivalled supply chains and cost effective inventory sourcing means that a product manufactured in China can be made cheaper in less time with higher quality than competitors manufactured in the West.

Smartbel gets smarter!

The new and improved Smartbel is almost ready for launch with heaps of improvements and added features.

Cheetahtab 7S

New 7″ Android tablet PC ready for launch after 9 months in development with Commtel Innovate. New 8″ and 9″ models in development.

A-Tick for Smartbel

Smartbel is awarded A-Tick certification by Australian Comtest Laboratories. Ozcom becomes the first Australian distributor.

CE and FCC for Smartbel

Smartbel is awarded CE and FCC certification for sale in the US and Europe. Distributor agreements made with UK, Denmark and Ireland.