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New HDMI 2.0a Specification – Advantages and Changes

The HDMI Forum, a non-profit entity, which oversees HDMI specification, recently announced its upgraded version 2.0a. The latest version of the specifications will regulate the functioning of the commonly seen cables that connect almost everything in any home entertainment center. The upgrade may appear minor, but it is highly important....

USB-C – All set to be the brand new USB standard

It doesn’t seem to be all that long since USB 3.1 was making waves in the market as the new best thing but USB- C has made end users forget all about this predecessor in a dramatically short time. Although the USB- C often seems to be the new Apple...

Super MHL sets the stage for truly futuristic video experience

The MHL Consortium seems to have pulled out all the stops with the SuperMHL cable. Rob Tobias, president of the Consortium, believes that this brand new cable will bring to viewers the impeccable visual quality that has, until now, just been a dream for Hollywood studio biggies. According to him,...

PureLink exclusive

PureLink take Locking HDMI into new markets with exclusive distribution and sales agreements for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium.

Absolutely professional and reliable

Omtro is a reliable, hard working, innovative and customer friendly company headed by Alex Drewnicki, who is a super friendly person to work with. Omtro seems to be working all hours of the day and is very adaptive to the European time zone which is a help when communication around manufacturing of products has to be effective and on time.We have been working with Omtro developing RaspberryPod.

— Karin Hoegh

The complete package.

I have been working with omtro for some time now. They make our life, dealing with other factories and clients in different countries easy. Smooth transactions and no hidden surprises. I would happily recommend Alex and the team to anyone looking at doing business abroad.

— Leon Iacano

Omtro speak the language of design, manufacture and success.

I have been professionally aligned with members of the team at Omtro for over a decade, and in that time our collaborations have seen outstanding results for my clients.It is my belief that the engineering design support and diversity of the Omtro supply chain related specifically to certain sectors within my client portfolio, position Omtro as second to none; and hence the personal service, attention to detail, and quality project management make Omtro the ideal partner for my business in the Far East.For all aspects of consumer product design, development, fabrication and logistics; I have no hesitation in recommending Omtro to any company either seeking a move to or who already have a presence in the Far East.

— Adrian Crawford

We have found Omtro to be excellent business partners.

Our company is a distributor for various products which Omtro have designed, developed and who also oversee the manufacturing process right through to quality control and shipping.We have found Omtro to be excellent business partners, who are dedicated and focused with each and every project they undertake. One of the most impressive aspects is their immediate availability should there be a need to contact them. Even though we are working in different time zones, we receive very prompt and efficient communication and this enables us to respond in an timely manner to any end user product queries we may receive. This simple but essential point is indicative of their entire professional business model.It has been highly beneficial engaging with Omtro and a pleasure doing business with them. We expect this will continue for many years to come.

— Graham Daking

Crystal Clear locking HDMI

Crystal Clear locking HDMI range coming soon featuring black chrome casing and 4K status indicator.

Join the revolution!

Official UK distributors Smartbel Revolution unveil the new and improved Smartbel at Earls Court.