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Do you want to use the advantages of manufacturing in China? Do you know where to start?

You may be looking for:
  • A creative partner for your design, prototype and manufacturing in China
  • A UK-managed product development company based in China removing the obstacles and working to your deadlines
  • A partner managing all aspects of your Chinese operations
  • Industrial product design China

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and genuine passion in everything we do, Omtro offers a full product design, prototype, manufacturing and procurement service based in China. With over 10 partner factories equipped with the most up to date machinery and latest technology available, our forward thinking team of product designers, engineering and manufacturing specialists will quickly turn your ideas from concept to production. Check out our Portfolio section for a glimpse of the projects we have worked on.

Some of the sectors we've worked in


Simplifying telecom accessories to improve usability and performance primarily for the home DIY market.


Audio and Video

From revolutionising AV connection and assembly methods to simplifying existing products or interfaces.


Extensive research and understanding how people interact with products help us to deliver products that function seamlessly.



Products required to endure the harshest of environments require extensive field testing and material understanding.


Direct manufacturing of finished parts with high tolerance and hygiene requirements.

Some of our valued clients

Latest News

Smartbel gets smarter!

The new and improved Smartbel is almost ready for launch with heaps of improvements and added features.

Cheetahtab 7S

New 7″ Android tablet PC ready for launch after 9 months in development with Commtel Innovate. New 8″ and 9″ models in development.

A-Tick for Smartbel

Smartbel is awarded A-Tick certification by Australian Comtest Laboratories. Ozcom becomes the first Australian distributor.

CE and FCC for Smartbel

Smartbel is awarded CE and FCC certification for sale in the US and Europe. Distributor agreements made with UK, Denmark and Ireland.