Ultimate security & peace of mind for the whole family!

Smartbel is an intelligent doorbell, which once pressed links to any mobile or land line phone that you set. This way people and businesses can talk to visitors remotely, redirect parcels to an alternative delivery address and keep cold callers at bay. The product has many other benefits, including being able to talk to visitors quickly if suffering from mobility difficulties and acting as a deterrent to potential intruders, even when hundreds of miles away. Visitors have no idea if you are at home or away, and you need never miss a delivery again! Special functions also allow you to dial into the Smartbel and listen in allowing discreet monitoring.

The product was designed with electrical engineers in the UK with the aim to offer a high quality and functional product at a reasonable cost. It was important to weatherproof the unit to IP66 standards and use materials that perform consistently under all weather conditions. The product is GSM based and mains powered with a 16 hour battery reserve in case of a power cut. All the “brains” are housed securely in the hub which is fitted inside your home and connected via a RJ12 cable to the doorbell mounted outside. We designed the Doorbell to look like any standard Doorbell fitting to avoid unwanted attention and theft. Rest assured that Smartbel will always make the connection wherever you are.

The perfect gift

Smartbel is a perfect gift idea for friends or relatives who live alone and don’t like to open the door to strangers. With Smartbel you can route the call to any phone number you choose, allowing for example a family member or carer the ability to answer the door, vetting the visitor first. They can then talk inside the house to say for example, “It’s OK Mum, it’s just the gas man here to read the meter. You don’t need to open the door”.

How does Smartbel work?

  • Visitor presses doorbell.
  • Smartbel simultaneously calls the number YOU set.
  • Answer the phone and speak to the visitor remotely.

Where is it used?

  • Businesses and home based businesses
  • Domestic and home usersHotels, Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouses and Hostels
  • Doctors, Dentists, Vets and other Out of Hours Services
  • Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Nursing homes, Hospitals and Residential care
  • Tourist Information and Taxi firms
  • Warden controlled accommodation

Whats new?

  • New MP3 melody chip with12 high quality MP3 sounds to choose from
  • New speaker for greater depth of sound
  • New volume buttons for more intuitive control
  • New 8-way JST connector for a whole range of add-on capabilities
  • Improved noise and echo cancelling software for the clearest audio available
  • Chrome finishing for improved appearance

Don’t open your front door – use Smartbel!