GRP Infused Foils

A revolutionary manufacturing process for unrivaled performance

We helped to design and manufacture a revolutionary new range of GRP infused foils (centerboard and rudder). These new foils first appeared on Lasers and then spread across the rest of the product lines including the Sunfish, Bahia, Vago, and Laser 2000, among others.

The GRP infused foils not only have increased strength and durability but are made to much higher tolerances allowing much tighter control.

At the core of each GRP infused foil is a high quality polyurethane foam. The foam is skinned with high quality “E” glass fiber.

A number of layers are applied to ensure durability and strength. Uni-directional fiber is positioned between each layer to provide precise stiffness. On the surface, an epoxy based vinyl ester gel-coat is used for maximum surface hardness and finish.

State of the art temperature controlled steel molds are used in production. This was a totally new process in manufacturing these but one which has now streamlined the process and quality of boards.

These molds are designed to ensure controlled pressure and vacuum conditions – all critical elements to ensure a consistent product. In addition, the foils are made in one piece which reduces material fatigue and provides excellent consistency and performance.

To top it all off, all GRP infused foils are fitted with plate inserts made from solid E grade glass fiber. These plates help ensure the foil is not damaged when drilling and securing fittings.